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Wings of the Captain Booster Box OP06 - One Piece TCG English

Wings of the Captain Booster Box OP06 - One Piece TCG English


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Embark on an epic adventure with the "Wings of the Captain" Booster Box OP06 from the One Piece Trading Card Game. This latest addition to the TCG universe celebrates chapter 1020 of the One Piece manga, where Sanji and Zoro are dubbed "the wings of the king of pirates".

In this set, Sanji and Zoro shine as the central figures, much like their roles as Luffy's most trusted comrades. The art design of the pack features these two iconic characters prominently, and they are also presented as Secret Rare cards in their stunning manga art form.

The OP06 set introduces characters from various story arcs, including Fish-Man Island, Thriller Bark, and Germa 66. Notable characters like Hody Jones, Vinsmoke Reiju, Uta, Yamato, and Perona join the fray, with Reiju and Perona receiving their own Secret Rare alternate art versions. This set also includes a visually impressive full-art version of the character Buggy, which has garnered much attention for its intricate detail.

Prepare to explore new strategies and expand your battle options with this thrilling addition to your One Piece TCG collection. Preorder your Wings of the Captain Booster Box now and be ready to experience the adventure and excitement of the One Piece universe!


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