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Thoth of the Trinity Booster Box - 36 Packs

Thoth of the Trinity Booster Box - 36 Packs


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Embark on a captivating journey with the "Thoth of the Trinity" booster box, the inaugural set of the Trinity Cluster. This collection unveils a riveting tale of an Alchemist Witch in search of her vanished mother, blending the allure of mystery with the thrill of adventure. Within this big city devoid of magic—or so it seems—lies hidden a world where witches and mythical beings wield their clandestine powers. Each booster box is a gateway to this concealed realm, offering 36 packs filled with 8 cards each, from Normal to the elusive Secret Uber Card. Dive into the saga with new characters as rulers, each boasting unique abilities for a game filled with exploration, transcendence, and innovative mechanics like the item area and non-magic stone deck. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned player, "Thoth of the Trinity" promises to enrich your Force of Will experience with its intricate narrative and enhanced gameplay.



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