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Pokémon SV04.5 'Paldean Fates' 6 Booster Bundle EN

Pokémon SV04.5 'Paldean Fates' 6 Booster Bundle EN


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Description: Prepare for an epic journey with the "P-EN SV04.5 'Paldean Fates' 6 Booster Bundle," now available at Each bundle contains six booster packs, offering a thrilling opportunity to experience the latest adventures from the Paldean region. Delve into this brand-new expansion with the chance to discover powerful new Pokémon and add some impressive cards to your collection.

What's Inside:

  • Six booster packs from the 'Paldean Fates' expansion, each filled with potential rare and ultra-rare cards.
  • A variety of new Pokémon cards, including V and VMAX cards, featuring characters from the Paldean region.
  • The excitement of expanding your collection with cards that offer new gameplay strategies and abilities.

Why Pre-Order:

  • Secure your 'Paldean Fates' booster packs ahead of the release date.
  • Enhance your deck with the latest cards and be one of the first to experience the new meta.
  • The pre-order bundle is perfect for collectors and competitive players eager to explore all that 'Paldean Fates' has to offer.

Reserve Your Adventure: Don't miss out on the chance to be among the first to journey through the Paldean region. Pre-order your "P-EN SV04.5 'Paldean Fates' 6 Booster Bundle" today at and get ready to discover the fates that await!

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