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Tag Team GX Tag all Stars Booster box Pokémon Japanese SM12a

Tag Team GX Tag all Stars Booster box Pokémon Japanese SM12a


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Pokémon TAG TEAM GX Tag all Stars ( Sm12a) Booster box japanese


Product Information: Pokémon TAG TEAM GX: Tag All Stars (SM12a) Booster Display – JP

Language: Japanese

The ハイクラスパック "TAG TEAM GXタッグオールスターズ" High-Class Pack TAG TEAM GX Tag Team All Stars is a subset from the SM cycle.

A unique feature of the set is booster packs containing only Secret Rares, often referred to as "God-Packs." However, these are exceedingly rare.

Tag All Stars (Japanese: TAG TEAM GX: High Class Pack: TAG TEAM GX: All Stars Markers) is the name of the nineteenth and final Japanese subset released during the Sun & Moon era of Pokémon Trading Card Game. It serves as an expansion to the twelfth and last main expansion Alter Genesis under the collection symbol "SM12a." The set primarily consists of reprints of cards from the latter half of the Sun & Moon era, with a focus on the popular Tag Team Pokémon-GX cards.

As the final main release of the Sun & Moon era, the High Class Pack: TAG TEAM GX: Tag All Stars acts as a retrospective of the Tag Team expansion block, similar to The Best of XY for XY and XY BREAK eras. As such, it includes a large number of reprinted cards from that time, featuring key Tag Teams from the Tag Bolt, Double Blaze, and Miracle Twin expansions, as well as the Night Unison, Full Metal Wall, GG End, and Sky Legend subsets, among other popular Pokémon-GX cards. Some Pokémon featured in the subsets have artwork previously only available on cards outside of Japan.

Similar to the previous High Class Pack GX Ultra Shiny, Tag All Stars includes a significant number of secret cards - a total of 53, including Full Art and Rainbow Rare versions of Pokémon-GX that previously only received regular prints in standalone products, Full Art versions of previously released Trainer cards, and embossed Holofoil versions of basic Energy cards. The seven featured Tag Teams from previous expansions and subgroups also receive golden Ultra Rare versions for a total of 226 cards. Tag All Stars also features a foil set - every card without a rarity symbol includes a Mirror Holofoil variant. When combined with the standard set and 9 generic basic Energy cards, it forms a Master Set of 369 cards.

Each booster pack contains 11 cards instead of the usual 5, including 1 guaranteed Pokémon-GX card, 2 Holofoil cards, 1 Energy card, and 1 parallel foil card. Energy cards are always Mirror Holofoil, unless a pack includes a Super Rare version of one. Approximately 1 in 250 packs can contain 10 Super Rare cards in addition to the Energy card, colloquially known as "God-Packs" in other TCG circles, marking a first for the Pokémon TCG in Japan.

Cycle: Sun & Moon

Display Contents:

  • A display includes 10 boosters.
  • Each booster contains 10 cards.
  • Among them, one card is guaranteed to be a "GX" card or better.

Box Type: Booster Box Brand: Pokémon Language: Japanese Condition: New

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