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Pikachu PikaPika Campaign Promo PSA 10 GEM MINT Japanese Card 124/S-P

Pikachu PikaPika Campaign Promo PSA 10 GEM MINT Japanese Card 124/S-P


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Delight in the charm of the Pikachu PikaPika Campaign Promo card, a rare Japanese Pokémon treasure, card number 124/S-P, graded PSA 10 GEM MT. This exclusive promotional card features the beloved Pikachu, capturing the spirit of Pokémon in a unique and joyful artwork that resonates with fans and collectors alike.

Key Features:

  • Part of the special PikaPika Campaign, this card showcases Pikachu in an adorable and exclusive promo design.
  • Graded PSA 10 GEM MT, indicating the card is in flawless, mint condition.
  • A unique collector's item, card number 124/S-P, revered for its rarity and artistic value.

Why Collect This Pikachu Promo Card:

  • A PSA 10 Gem Mint grade ensures top-tier collectibility and quality.
  • The PikaPika Campaign Promo card is a must-have for enthusiasts of Pikachu and Japanese Pokémon collectibles.
  • Its joyful and distinct artwork makes it a standout piece in any Pokémon card collection.

This Pikachu Promo card, in perfect gem mint condition, is a delightful addition for any Pokémon collector, offering both the joy of Pikachu and the prestige of a rare, promotional Japanese card.

Condition: Gem Mint: Professionally graded by PSA as a 10, this card is in pristine condition with no visible imperfections.

Shipping: Carefully packaged and shipped to maintain its Gem Mint status. Various shipping options are available to cater to your preferences.

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