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One Piece Romance Dawn Booster Box Display English OP01

One Piece Romance Dawn Booster Box Display English OP01


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Unveil a realm of endless adventure with the "One Piece Romance Dawn Booster Box OP01 Display English." This gem, brought to you by Bandai, is the doorway to the rich and captivating world of the One Piece Card Game. Here's what awaits as you delve into this treasure trove:

  • Extensive Card Collection: The box opens up a universe of 121 unique card types including 8 Leader Cards, 45 Commons, 30 Uncommons, 26 Rares, 10 Super Rares, and 2 Secret Rares. With such a diverse range, each pack you unravel is a step towards mastering the game and a joy for collectors​1​​2​.

  • Exclusive Artwork: Get lost in the beautiful array of illustrations that come with this collection. It's a visual treat with exclusive One Piece Card Game Artwork, imagery from the beloved Anime/Manga, and brand-new original illustrations from talented artists. The artwork is not just a feast for the eyes but a journey into the One Piece narrative​3​​4​.

  • 24 Booster Packs: The box comprises 24 booster packs, each further housing 12 cards. The richness of content ensures endless gameplay possibilities and a robust platform to build a strong deck​2​.

  • Box Topper Card: A cherry on top, the box includes a Box Topper card, with 6 different types to discover. This addition brings an extra layer of excitement as you unfold the packs​3​.

  • Alternative Art Cards: The packs also come with alternative art cards, adding a layer of visual diversity and a chance to own distinct versions of your favorite characters​2​.

  • Release Date & Pricing: Released on December 2, 2022, priced at USD $4.19 per pack, this booster box is not just an addition to your collection but an invitation to an expansive One Piece adventure​1

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