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Miriam Full Art Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 238/198 PSA 8

Miriam Full Art Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 238/198 PSA 8


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Harness the strategic prowess of Miriam with this Full Art Secret Rare card from the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet base set. Graded PSA 8, this card is a testament to your collecting journey, offering not only a beautiful illustration by Sanosuke Sakuma but also robust in-game utility. As a Supporter card, Miriam allows players to shuffle up to five Pokémon from their discard pile into their deck and, if successful, to draw three cards – a significant advantage in the heat of battle.

Key Features:

  • PSA 8 Near Mint: With a PSA grade of 8, this card is confirmed to be in near mint condition, a valuable addition to any collection​​.
  • Supporter Card Advantage: Miriam's ability to recycle Pokémon and replenish your hand makes it a game-changer in deck strategy​​.
  • Full Art Rarity: As a Full Art Secret Rare, this card features a stunning, extended illustration that captures Miriam's character with vivid detail and artistry.
  • Scarlet & Violet Series: Part of the exciting new Scarlet & Violet series, this card represents the next chapter in the Pokemon saga​.
  • Collectible and Playable: A perfect balance for those who appreciate the art of the game and the game of collecting.

This Miriam Full Art card is a beacon for players and collectors alike, offering a combination of visual appeal and gameplay functionality. Secure your piece of Pokemon TCG history with this PSA 8 graded card and let Miriam guide you to victory!

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