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Disney Lorcana: The Inklands - Ruby/Sapphire Starter Deck - English Edition

Disney Lorcana: The Inklands - Ruby/Sapphire Starter Deck - English Edition


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Discover the enchanting world of Disney Lorcana with the "The Inklands - Ruby/Sapphire Starter Deck." Ideal for beginners and seasoned players alike, this starter deck introduces you to the magic and strategy of Lorcana. Inside, you'll find a carefully curated selection of cards designed to provide a balanced and immersive gameplay experience right out of the box. The Ruby and Sapphire decks, available in this English edition, feature a unique mix of characters, spells, and abilities that reflect their distinct themes of passion and wisdom.

Each deck is packed with iconic Disney characters reimagined in the breathtaking art style of Lorcana, ready to lead your team to victory. With easy-to-learn rules but deep strategic layers, these decks are perfect for learning the ropes of the game while experiencing the rich lore of Disney's universe. Whether you're dueling friends or planning your next big win, the Ruby/Sapphire Starter Deck is your gateway into the adventures that await in the Inklands. Start your Lorcana journey today!
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