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Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Gift Box

Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Gift Box


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Embark on a magical adventure with the enchanting Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Gift Box. This treasure trove is brought to you by Ravensburger, blending the charm of Disney with a sprinkle of strategy, paving the way for both collectors and avid gamers. The gift set is a portal into the whimsical world of Lorcana, where the legendary figures of Mulan – Imperial Soldier, and Hades – King of Olympus await to join forces with you​1​​2​.

The Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Gift Box is an all-encompassing package, stocked with treasures that promise a riveting gameplay experience. Here’s a glimpse into the magic that awaits within:

  • Two Collectible Oversized Foil Cards: Adorn your collection with these oversized foil cards featuring the gallant Mulan and the mighty Hades.
  • Two Playable Foil Game Cards: Dive into the action with these playable foil game cards, ready to bring valor and power to your deck.
  • Thirty-Four Game Tokens: An essential element for the gameplay, these tokens will keep you engaged as you strategize your way through the mystical lands of Lorcana.
  • Four Booster Packs: Each holding 12 additional game cards, these booster packs are your ticket to expanding your deck and discovering new strategies​2​.

This gift box is not just a pack of cards but a ticket to a realm where every Disney Lorcana fan would want to dwell. It's the perfect gift for a Disney Lorcana enthusiast, meticulously designed to satisfy both the collector's eye and the competitive spirit of a player​3​. Each component of this gift set is crafted to enhance your gameplay, keeping your cards safe and organized while providing creative storage solutions. The full-art storage box and two full-art deck boxes are but the tip of the iceberg, making the gift set a perfect choice for those looking to dive deep into the Disney Lorcana universe​4​.

The Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Gift Box is more than just a game; it's an experience waiting to be unveiled. Whether you're looking to kickstart your journey in the world of Lorcana or aiming to elevate your collection, this gift set is a choice par excellence. Grab yours and let the magic of Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter unfold before your eyes.

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