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Disney Lorcana - The First Chapter Booster Box 1st Print Pre-Errata English

Disney Lorcana - The First Chapter Booster Box 1st Print Pre-Errata English


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Discover the whimsical charm of Disney's inaugural foray into the Trading Card Game universe with the Disney Lorcana Booster Box from The First Chapter. As an Illumineer, you're endowed with the power to summon the essence of beloved Disney characters into duels filled with magic and strategy. Embrace the fantasy and let your imagination soar with each draw from these booster packs.

Our First Edition Booster Box is not only a gateway to the enchanting world of Lorcana but also a piece of history, with a limited run of cards featuring subtle yet intriguing erratas. These corrected cards, like "HeiHei, Boat Snack," which now includes the crucial word "another" to clear up gameplay, and "Work Together," which corrects the misattributed quote from "Pasha" to "Pacha," mark the continuous evolution and dedication to the integrity of the game​​.

The erratas, which are lists of corrections made post-release, showcase the dedication to detail and are a nod to the collectible nature of TCGs. The First Chapter's first print run saw a handful of such erratas, making these cards potentially more valuable for collectors seeking the original versions​​.

Each booster is a portal to adventure with two rare cards and a lustrous foil card. With six levels of rarity, the thrill of finding a Secret Rare card is just a pack away. Construct your decks and challenge opponents with:

  • 1 magnificent foil card of any rarity
  • 2 rare, super rare, or legendary cards, with a chance at enchanted alternative art cards
  • 3 uncommon cards
  • 6 common cards

This Booster Box contains 24 booster packs, each with 12 cards from The First Chapter, offering a splendid opportunity to build a formidable collection or discover those unique first-print errata'd cards that stand out in the realm of Disney Lorcana.

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