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Cassian Andor Showcase #263 PSA 10 Star Wars Unlimited 2024

Cassian Andor Showcase #263 PSA 10 Star Wars Unlimited 2024


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Dive into the Star Wars universe with the 2024 Star Wars: Unlimited Spark of Rebellion series, featuring the rare and highly sought-after Cassian Andor, Dedicated to the Rebellion (Showcase) #263. This card showcases Cassian Andor, a key leader in the Rebel Alliance, with impressive gameplay abilities:

  • Action: If you've dealt 3 or more damage to an enemy base this phase, draw a card.
  • Epic Action: If you control 6 or more resources, deploy this leader.
  • Saboteur Ability: When you deal damage to an enemy base, you may draw a card (usable once per round).

Graded as a perfect GEM-MT 10 by PSA, this card stands out for its pristine condition and foil finish, making it a prized addition for collectors and Star Wars enthusiasts. The card's artwork by Mickael Balloul adds to its appeal, making it a visual and tactical masterpiece.

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