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Awakened Pulse Booster Box Dragon Ball Super Fusion World - FB01 Japanese Edition

Awakened Pulse Booster Box Dragon Ball Super Fusion World - FB01 Japanese Edition


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Celebrate the monumental 40th anniversary of the Dragon Ball saga with the BANDAI Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World - Awakening Heartbeat (FB01) Japanese Edition. This groundbreaking set, released on February 23, 2024, ushers in a new era of Dragon Ball TCG, introducing the Fusion World series alongside the established Masters series, catering to both new and veteran players.

The Awakened Pulse (FB01) is the inaugural set for Fusion World, designed to offer a simpler yet strategically rich gameplay experience, making it accessible to younger players and newcomers without sacrificing the depth that veterans appreciate. Inspired by the One Piece Card Game and incorporating elements from the original Dragon Ball Super: Masters game, Fusion World aims to attract a dedicated player base with its unique blend of simplicity and depth.

Each of the 24 Japanese Edition booster packs includes 12 cards featuring iconic characters and new leader cards, such as Son Goku and Vegeta, along with a digital code card for unlocking digital versions of the cards, bridging the physical and digital realms of card gaming. With 140 cards in total, including 8 Leaders, 52 Commons, 36 Uncommons, 30 Rares, 12 Super Rares, and 2 Secret Rares, plus 23 alternate art variants, this set promises unparalleled collectability and competitive play.

Dive into the Fusion World with this exclusive Japanese edition box set and experience the evolution of Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

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