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2016 PSA 8 Mew Reverse Foil Holo from Pokémon XY Evolutions

2016 PSA 8 Mew Reverse Foil Holo from Pokémon XY Evolutions


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Elevate your Pokémon collection with the enchanting Mew Reverse Foil Holo card from the XY Evolutions set, professionally graded as MINT 9 by PSA. This card, number 53/108, captures the iconic Mew in a striking holo artwork by Ken Sugimori, reflecting an otherworldly charm that Mew is known for​​.

The XY Evolutions set revisits the nostalgia of the original Pokémon cards with a modern twist, and this Mew card, with its reverse foil feature, offers a dazzling take on the beloved psychic-type. With 40 HP, Mew’s Neutral Shield ability provides a tactical edge by preventing all effects of attacks, including damage, from your opponent’s Evolution Pokémon​2​​1​.

This Mew card not only comes in the rare holo category but also carries the PSA 9 grade, indicating a card in superb condition with only slight imperfections. The PSA certification attests to its authenticity and high quality, ensuring that what you see is a true collectible, preserved in time, and encapsulated for posterity​​.

Celebrate the journey back to the origins of the Pokémon Trading Card Game with this PSA 9 graded Mew. Whether for competitive play, collecting, or as a treasured gift, this card is a testament to the enduring magic and legacy of Pokémon. The Reverse Foil Holo Mew is a must-have for any serious collector or enthusiast looking to capture a piece of Pokémon history.

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