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Starter Deck: Son Goku - Fusion World FS01 English

Starter Deck: Son Goku - Fusion World FS01 English

Sprache: English

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Detailed Contents

  • Ready-to-play 51-card deck: Featuring key characters and powerful abilities from Universe 7.
  • Energy Marker: Essential for managing your game's energy.
  • Playsheet/Rule Manual: Comprehensive guide to help you get started and master the game.
  • Bonus Pack: Includes one alternative-design card to enhance your deck.
  • Promotion Code for Digital Version: Unlocks exclusive in-game items to expand your digital collection.

The deck consists of:

  • Leader Card: 1 (Son Goku)
  • Common Cards: 13
  • Super Rare Cards: 2

This deck is ideal for players looking to explore various strategies and synergies within the Dragon Ball Super Card Game universe. Whether you’re playing physically or digitally, the included promotion code enhances both experiences, making this starter deck a valuable addition to your collection​

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